1- Floor & General Purpose Cleaner Disinfectant For Daily and Periodic Use:

- HYGIENIST Floor Cleaner Disinfectant:

Highly effective cleaner with neutral pH when diluted, designed to remove soils and disinfect the surface, meets BS 6424 when dilutedup to 1:50.

"Tested as per British standards BS 6424: 1990 Grade QAP50".

- HYGIENIST Floor Cleaner Disinfectant (3 in 1):

Specially formulated to quickly emulsify dirt for fast removal, and disinfect the surface. Meet BS 6424, when diluted up to 1:50, has alkaline pH when diluted. "Tested as per British standards BS 6424: 1990 Grade QAP50".

2- Floor Finishes:

The appearance of hard floors is one of the most significant in the makeup of the overall appearance of a building’s interior.

However, no area of building maintenance takes as much time and effort as the correct care of floor.

We at SFL, developed three grades of floor finish to meet your budget and to save you from the rapid deterioration and expensive replacement costs of floor.

HYGIENIST Floor Polish “GOLD”. HYGIENIST Floor Polish “SILVER”. HYGIENIST Floor Polish “Bronze”.

The three types of floor finishes, formulated by high technology synthetic poly- mer to produce “wet look” high gloss, repair easily in minimal time and resists scuffs and scratches, formulated to work with any maintenance method and equipment on all types of floors.

3- Floor Strippers:

Heavy duty performance on heavy polish and build-up.

Specially formulated to penetrate and emulsify the toughest finishes works the first time, eliminating the need for “re stripes”



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