1- Food Plant Chain Lubricant (Aerosol / Liquid)

Keeps roller drive and conveyor chains lubricated, protects moving parts by reducing friction and wear. Based on mineral oil.

Applications: packaging equipment, conveyor chains, roller and many other industrial applications.


2- Food Plant Penetrating Oil (Aerosol / Liquid)

General purpose lubricant for use on food processing equipment.

It penetrates to free corroded parts. Contains no silicon.

Applications: food packaging / processing equipment exposed to food products, including cooking applications, freezer, stoves, ovens, mixers, fillers.


3- Food Plant Silicon Spray (Aerosol)

For use in food processing equipment. Multi silicon spray, elements sticking in most metal to non-metal applications, colorless, odorless, non-staining film. Applications: food processing and handling equipment, rub seal.


4- Food Plant Contact Cleaner (Aerosol) “coming soon”

Food plant electrical parts cleaner, formulated with no CFC or VOC substance and non-flammable.

Applications: electrical & electronic equipment, circuit boards, relays, switches, electrical connectors.


5- Heavy Duty Clear Penetrating Grease (Aerosol) “coming soon”

High temperature (up to 260° c) lubricant with high adhesive strength to resists throw off and water wash-out.

Applications: Gears, chains, wire rope, valve, seals, hinges and many other.


6- Heavy Duty Degreaser (Aerosol & Liquid)

Effectively removes soils, use caution on plastic and flash point at 80°c. used on non-energized electrical equipment.

Applications: electrical industrial equipment, electrical motors, chains, bearing, tools, dies, mold, pumps.


7- Caustic Soda Additives for bottle washing


8- Soap / synthetic Detergent water base conveyers

Chain lubricant for glass, PET, HDPE bottling applications


9- Cleaner Disinfectants


10- Drain Opener (alkaline, Enzymes)


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