1- Smoke Detector Tester (Aerosol)

Easy to use and safe product to test the functionality of smoke detectors. It is also used to check for obstructions, clogs the detector vents and hence prevents smoke from entering the sensing chambers.

Applications: to test the functionality of commercial or residential smoke detectors.


2- Leak Detector (Aerosol)

Quick and easy to use site detection of gas and air leaks, it is a water base formula contains no oils, silicon or harmful solvents. Applications: air conditioning and refrigeration system, compressors, pipes, valves, screws, and welding seams.


3- Welder’s Anti-Spatter (Aerosol)

Water base formula allows easy clean-up without use of solvent cleaner. Prevents spatter from adhering to surrounding metal surface during welding. Applications: electrode holders, contact tips, tools, metal surface and bench top.


4- Welding Inspector Developer (Aerosol)

A quick drying developer for the non-destructive testing of surface. Applications: non-destructive inspection of materials, parts surface.


5- Welding Inspector Penetrant (Aerosol)

Colored liquid penetrate for non-destructive testing of surfaces. Applications: nondestructive inspection of materials, parts and surface.


6- Welding inspector Weld Cleaner and Penetrant Removes (Aerosol)

Cleaner degreaser solvent for removal of non-destructive testing of metal surface by liquid penetrant inspection. Applications: nondestructive inspection of materials, parts and surface.


7- Aerosol Dust Removal (Aerosol) “coming soon”

A powerful product removes dirt and dust, penetrates into minutes, non-flammable, safe in all plastics.

Applications: computers, office equipment, electronics, photography equipment, lighting, circuit boards, breaker panels, connectors, fiber optics, plant machines, and much more. 


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